Answers to frequently asked questions about 3D visualization

Do you need 3D data of my products to create 3D visualization?

No, we do not require 3D data (CAD files). They can help speed up the procedure if you already have them. We can, of course, create our own 3D models using product pictures, technical drawings, sketches, and physical samples.

How much does 3D visualization cost?

The cost of 3D visualizations can differ according to the project's complexity, level of detail, and specific needs. It is best to contact us directly so that we may build a tailored price depending on your project specifications.

How long does the 3D visualization process take?

The time is determined by several elements, including the product's complexity, the number of views required, and any specific requirements, such as animations. A simple product line can be represented in a matter of days, however more complicated representations may take longer.

What kinds of files do I get the finished visualizations in?

You receive the visualizations in the file types you desire, which are typically JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. The most used formats for animations are MOV or MP4.

I require both my shadowed and unshadowed clipping visualizations. Can this be done?

Yes, of course! Your 3D visualizations can be created with or without shadows. Both are typically supplied.

What about the 3D visualizations' usage rights?

You will have full usage rights after you engage us for 3D visualization and the project is completed. This means you can use the visuals whenever and wherever you want, with no additional payments or constraints.

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